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Querida Madre

Beloved Mother

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Commissioned by The Women of the West Museum and the Boulder Housing Authority

This mural was executed with approximately 15-18 children, ages 6-16. The subject matter was chosen by the children as the result of two sessions of discussion and drawing of ideas. The youth selected them and Leo designed the irregular shaped mural based on the children's initial ideas.

The children participated in every phase of the construction, texturing, and priming of the main structure and all the smaller sections. Each child then painted one of these sections in honor of their mothers. These art pieces were then mounted on the larger, wing-like shapes. The central 12ft tall panel represents a mother's tear of joy. Around the mother's figure,  the portraits are of the young "muralists", that is, the participating children. 

Upon the mural's completion, a celebration was held, not only to dedicate the mural but to honor all mothers.

Kalmia Housing, Boulder Colorado , 2000, 12 h x 26 w

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